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Over 90 Years Experience in Accounting and Banking

TCC Consulting Services, LLC (TCC) was created in 2013 and has been consulting with banks performing the services listed above since that time.  TCC is a small firm consisting of a staff of four: Tammy Gill, CPA, CFE and Shauna Halfmann, CBAP, Members/Senior Consultants, Angela Nanny, Staff Consultant and an Administrative Assistant/Staff Consultant, Jami Halfmann. Our staff has almost 90 years of combined experience in banking and/or auditing. We attached a copy of all four resumes to this proposal.  Although we are a small firm, our dedication to this industry, our reputation, and the quality of our work has ensured efficient work processes to allow us to work with community bank of many sizes.


Financial Institution Consulting Services

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Our consulting services are designed to meet the ongoing demand of regulatory requirements, internal audits, and loan reviews for all financial institutions.  TCC Consulting Services’ consulting professionals can complement your internal staff on an outsourced basis, periodically update and train your staff on new developments, or handle any of your consulting needs.

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

The impact of fraud hits a company straight in the bottom line, and while large corporations may be able to withstand a six- or seven-figure fraud, a smaller company or organization may never recover. To survive in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must be proactive in the fight against fraud.
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Internal controls related to fraud fall into one of three categories:

    Focus on protecting the company’s assets and information and stopping fraud before it occurs
    Focus on finding fraud when it occurs, hopefully as soon as possible.
    Focus on remedying problems that are discovered, so that future frauds can be prevented and/or detected more easily.